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How EMPA can help you to get European research funding in the first place

You are probably aware of the enormous importance of EU funding for research projects. However finding out which of the many calls is relevant to your project idea can be extremely time consuming. Also the low success rate of proposals (5-20%) might keep you from going ahead with your application. EMPA can improve this situation by:

  • Developing your strategy for the Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020)
  • Determining your best options for European funding
  • Scheduling your responses to the European Commissionís requirements
  • Managing your proposal, e.g. communicating with partners, organising the process and if desired formulating/editing most proposal parts
  • Training your project staff in proposal writing


Furthermore EMPA can lobby for your ideas in Brussels if you want to be involved in the development of future call topics in Horizon 2020.


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